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The most complete, state-of-the-art look at love, romance, seduction, women, sexual anatomy, lovemaking, relationships and marriage ever. Full of new insights on how to please women 24/7, James' discoveries of new erogenous zones and control methods alone are worth the price of the book.

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James Moore was the uncredited story development editor for this really sexy collection of steamy stories that sizzle hot with an intense eroticism. If you liked Fifty Shades of Grey, this is even better. Written by 20 "girls next door," their feverish descriptions of their most mind-blowing experiences ever will excite and inspire you. It's awesome bedtime stories kind of book you can share with your lover - to heat him or her up for action!

The First New Huge Research Discoveries On Sex, Female Anatomy & Relationships Since Masters & Johnson's Revelations Long Ago.

With Brand New Insights Into The Sexual Woman - Including The Discovery of Powerful New Erogenous Zones & Incredible New Techniques To Please A Woman As She's Never Been Pleased Before.

So you've read 50 Shades of Grey but you don't know how to create the sexual excitement your lover wants. So you've seen Masters of Sex on TV and wish a researcher today - with more modern information - would give you the knowledge to bring magic and fireworks to your bedroom.

As James Moore's wife would tell you, "that's where James comes in!"Love Coach James Moore

On Loving Women is a cutting-edge, modern-day must for the complete male lover of women - but it's also for Lesbians who want the most complete anatomical information (available nowhere else) and for women who simply want to understand their sexual selves better (to pleasure themselves or help lovers please them better). The 75-page female sexual anatomy chapter - full of James Moore's extraordinary research discoveries, including many powerful new erogenous zones that will knock her socks off - is worth the price of the book alone. There are new concepts galore, too - such as pressure point orgasms and female ejaculation that can be brought on with a simple touch or squeeze. But there's much much more - including vital information on how to woo a woman and please her for a lifetime - in and out of bed. It's the ultimate romantic and sexually-savvy lover's guidebook for today's times.

James Moore has impressed talk show hosts on such nationally-syndicated shows as SiriusXM Radio's JayThomas Show (he of Cheers and Murphy Brown fame), the Moll Anderson Show, and the Playboy Channel's Tiffany Granath Show, with his cutting edge, unique, sophisticated and encyclopedic understanding of relationships, the sexes, romance, love, anatomy and sex - based upon decades of original research producing startling new breakthroughs and revelations giving the modern lover more information and power than ever before.

He's wowed the hosts on TV shows such as WFSB TV's Better Connecticut.

He's revealed powerful new information on such local talk shows as the Mary Jones Show (CT) and Morning Chat with Kenn Hayes (VT)...

What you might not know is that this well-respected professional and award-winning journalist was pushed into his current career as a love life author, researcher, educator and advisor by his wife - as well as other women who'd previously been in his life.

It was his wife who gave him the motivation to finish his research and the long process of writing his monumental book, telling him that, "On Loving Women is an important book that will help a lot of people!"

If James can wow a worldly-wise Playboy bunny well-versed in the ways of love, a sophisticate like Moll Anderson, a been-around-town playboy like Jay Thomas and a gay TV host with his deep understanding of sex and relationship complexities, and the women in his life wholeheartedly vouch for his expertise and recommend him as the ultimate lover and expert, what better endorsement could you have?

Not since Masters and Johnson announced their breakthroughs in the 1950s has a research-based book offered so many powerful new discoveries to enable you to become the great lover you've always wanted to be!

Imagine how valuable On Loving Women will be to you!

Click below to get your very own copy of On Loving Women:

This much-praised love life researcher, innovator and educator is kind of like John Gray meets Dr. Ruth - with his own unique take on love, loving relationships, marriage, romance, the sexes and lovemaking based upon his many important original research discoveries.

Called a "modern-day Casanova" by Playboy bunny Tiffany Granath and - more to James' liking - "the consummate ladies man" (by past lovers), this former NBC and CBS newsman turned love life researcher and educator has been hailed on many national radio and local TV shows for his encyclopedic knowledge of:

And this is huge:

James Moore has also been praised for his historic discoveries of previously undocumented female erogenous zones and his invention of powerful new techniques to please women.

What woman - or lover of women - wouldn't be ecstatic to find out she has at least a half dozen more erogenous zones than anyone previously thought existed? That alone makes James Moore's contributions to scientific progress and relationship happiness worth the price of his books and public events.

Imagine what that information will do for your love life and sensual, sexy side and the additional pleasure you and your lover will experience as a result of what you'll learn in On Loving Women.

And there's so much more in On Loving Women that will make your romantic life so much more exciting and satisfying - including James' guide to how to make a woman love and desire you forever. (That's something that only a truly great lover could write.) After all, as James puts it, "undying passionate true unconditional love and devoted companionship are the greatest rewards for the great lover and partner."

James covers every possible base.

So, for instance, if you want to know how to bring a little of that 50 Shades of Grey excitement to your private life, you'll find all the creative and edgy ideas you need in On Loving Women, to push the envelope and reach new heights of ecstasy. In fact, there's a chapter entirely devoted to edgy sex and others full of incredible ideas for endless variety - for a lifetime of surprises and fresh new discoveries - with ideas and techniques that will satisfy lovers much more than anything you'll read about in 50 Shades of Grey!

Plus - make no mistake. Although On Loving Women is an easy read and helpful to one and all, it is also a ground-breaking serious work. Even jaded sexologists, marriage counselors and psychologists will discover something new and significant in On Loving Women.

And it's not about sleeping around (although swingers and polyamorists will find much of interest - vital information for any lover of women). It's about becoming a highly-desired great lover, one who loves women and wants to become someone who can attract the woman he loves and knock her socks off, in and out of bed, so she wants to stay with him forever - and that process must continue even within a marriage (as James explains). So this A to Z cutting-edge guide to how to please a woman goes far beyond the bedroom to principles on how to make a woman fall in love with you, forever. Isn't that what every lover of women wants?

Want an endorsement? It was the women in James Moore's life - the ones who should know - who got him to write On Loving Women. That's the biggest endorsement a lover can get - when his lovers beg him to write books to teach others what he knows about love, women and lovemaking. (In fact, more than one woman has thrilled that James Moore knows more about the female anatomy than most women know about themselves.)

Find out why the lover who got James to start writing On Loving Women pleaded with him:

"You've got to tell others what you know about women and sex!"

Find out why his father, after reading it, lamented:

"I wish I had read this book about 50 years ago!"

...So get your very own copy of On Loving Women now!:

You want other reasons to read On Loving Women? James Moore has discovered, through years of research, many significant findings no one else has. So only James can teach you about:

He also discusses little-known powerful erogenous zones such as the AFE Zone and the complete clitoris (not just the head but the entire internal structure, which rivals the male genitalia in size). Only James tells you how to use the greater clitoral structure sexually. He also reveals sexual uses for parts no one before has noted for their erotic potential, such as the:

...James unveils little-known facts about the G-Spot - known for centuries, by the way, as the female prostate (including new ways to manipulate it to provoke orgasms with female ejaculation). He also reveals how to tickle the little-known U-Spot to send a woman into orbit...

James is also the first to identify different categories or types of erogenous zones, including:

Get your very own copy of On Loving Women now:

The fact is, there are certain things a man can only learn from another man. And there are certain things someone who wants to be a great lover can only learn from a celebrated great lover. Only a man knows what it feels like to be a man and what it takes to use what he's got to send a woman into orbit. Only a man can teach another man:

Think about it: If you wanted to learn how to be a great guitarist, wouldn't you ideally seek out a great guitarist (like Eric Clapton or Steve Vai) to teach you what you wanted to know? That's a no-brainer! So if you want to learn to become a great lover and a ladies' man, shouldn't you seek out someone with true street cred, like James Moore, an Eric Clapton of lovemaking, who's wowed more women than Casanova and has done his own empirical research and discovered previously undocumented new pleasure zones and powerful new techniques to please women - whose lovers made him write On Loving Women? That's a no-brainer!

James Moore can teach you more than a room full of sexologists or PhDs can (not to take away from the great scientific researchers of our day - many of whom James celebrates in On Loving Women). And that's why James Moore's books and programs should mean so much to you. Here is an opportunity you don't want to miss - to learn from one of the masters (this, according to his lovers), who can tell you, in detail, exactly what it takes to knock a woman's socks off and please her in every way (as a lover and partner), for a lifetime of ecstasy, love, excitement, joy and fulfillment.

Get your very own copy of On Loving Women now:

And that's just regarding the intimate arts (and even then, it's just skimming the surface). James talks about everything that goes into becoming a much-desired and appreciated great lover in his books and programs - and, as he points out, that's a 24/7 kind of thing. "If a woman doesn't absolutely love who you are," James notes, "she's not going to want to go to bed with you - or simply be with you." So - just as important, perhaps, as what you'll learn about the intimate arts is what you'll learn about how to become a sought-after ladies' man.

Find out why there's such a buzz around what James Moore knows about love, romance, seduction, women (and the sexes in general), your own body in relation to its use in lovemaking, relationships, marriages, sex and more - and why some have said this love life researcher and expert is "incredibly knowledgeable" and that his detailed and "cutting edge understanding" of those subjects is "impressive" and "encyclopedic."

James Moore is many things in the sphere of love, sex and romance - with books, courses and other offerings for for men and women, couples and singles to help everyone improve their love lives and relationships: He is the author of highly-acclaimed and well-researched books, including the newly-released powerhouse, On Loving Women, and the upcoming Think Yourself Love and Spice Up Your Love Life. He is a respected researcher (into relationships, sex, anatomy, the sexes, romance and love) and lovemaking techniques innovator. He is also a love life advisor, an award-winning public speaker and teacher - who, by the way, gives workshops for men and women that you will not want to miss!

It took James Moore many years to complete the research required to complete his encyclopedic first book, On Loving Women - the most state-of-the-art and comprehensive guide to loving women ever. And he achieved some astounding and exciting breakthroughs in that art and science - including James' historic discovery of new female erogenous zones (never before documented) and his identification of a number of different types of pleasure areas. So, while it's primarily written for men (including an incredibly powerful chapter on how a man should use what he's got - the only such method that's in print, anywhere!), women will also intensely want to read it - especially the chapter on female sexual anatomy, which will teach everyone a lot that's absolutely new to the public, that James and other researchers have discovered very recently.

James' 448-page book - eight-years in the making - covers everything from: how to attract a woman and make her love you forever - including the creative use romance and seduction (within a relationship as well - to inspire more lovemaking!); to the revelation of new female erogenous zones James has discovered (never before documented); James' uniquely effective non-medicinal remedies for premature ejaculation and control problems; startling information on what women want in a man (including results from James' own survey of hundreds of women); vital information that's being suppressed by the mainstream media; and many years' worth of accumulated wisdom from the romantic adventures of a person his lovers have called "the consummate ladies' man" - who's been with more women than Casanova.

Get your very own copy of On Loving Women now:

In fact, the women who know James intimately have not only endorsed On Loving Women - they made him write it! That's all you need to know, for theirs is the most important endorsement of all, isn't it?

Layla Shilkret, a former lover who co-edited the erotic book Baring It All with James - proclaims: "James knows more about women's bodies than most women do!" In fact, she says: "I'm the one who got him to start writing On Loving Women and doing relationship courses. I kept telling him: 'You have to tell others what you know about women and sex!' And it took me two long years to get him to do it!"

He even surprised and delighted worldly-wise Playboy bunny Tiffany Granath when he revealed to her new pleasure places she was unaware of (when he appeared on her Sirius XM radio show recently). She was so impressed with his depth of knowledge about women and lovemaking that she called him "a modern-day Casanova." (Tiffany's listeners were so impressed with what James had to say that On Loving Women became one of Barnes & Noble's 100 top-selling books for many days afterward.)

Perhaps more poignantly, his father, after reading the book, said: "I wish I had read this book about 50 years ago!"

Get your very own copy of On Loving Women now:

Drawing on his university training as a biological sciences researcher and training as an award-winning journalist, this former NBC and CBS newsman and Boston Globe writer has gone far beyond the average relationship and sex writer in achieving unique breakthroughs through years of research and innovation in the fields of lovemaking and long-term relationships.

So we ask you:

Are you having relationship problems? Having dating problems? Having marriage problems? Having sex problems?

If you're single and dating, do you know how to attract a lover and how to make someone fall in love with you forever?

If you're married or in a long-term relationship, do you know how to keep your relationship exciting, loving, romantic and strong through the years? Do you possess the creative skills and deep knowledge of the lovemaking arts to continually surprise and knock the socks off your lover no matter how long you've been together?

Do you know how to romance a lover or spouse? Do you know how to make love - so well your lover will never want anyone else? Do you know how to improve your relationship? Do you know how to get the love you want?

How many erogenous zones and techniques are you aware of, either to please your lover or yourself? Do you know the many scientifically-valid new erogenous zones James Moore has discovered? How much do you know about your own body in becoming the very best lover you can possibly be?

Discover uniquely effective romance, relationship and lovemaking skills and vital state-of-the-art information through love life coach James Moore's On Loving Women which answers all your questions about the sexes, women, men, being a desirable man or woman, your body, love, romance, seduction, how to adapt to modern sex roles, marriage, long-term relationships, and lovemaking - whether you're single, married or in a long-term relationship. If your relationship needs help, you should know that James Moore's On Loving Women and his relationship workshops and retreats also give you crucial information on how to save a marriage or relationship.

...And get your very own copy of On Loving Women now:

Learn about newly discovered erogenous zones (women's and men's) and tips for pleasure for both yourself and your partner. Also, hear about the latest research breakthroughs (by James and others) that are required knowledge for today’s lover. Whether you're just pleasing yourself or your lover or you want to show your lover how to take you to new heights never before imagined, this is must-know information. Anyone who wants to become more respected, admired, desired, craved and prized as a lover and partner will find the answers they desire in On Loving Women.

Get your very own copy of On Loving Women now!:

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On Loving Women

James has spent years researching sexual anatomy and techniques and he has made incredible breakthroughs in the fields of female sexual anatomy and lovemaking. His research has also encompassed the arena of sex roles and long-term loving relationships, areas in which he also has made unique contributions.

Featured on such radio shows as the Playboy Channel's Tiffany Granath Show, The Mary Jones Show, and Leatherneck and Lace, and written up in such newspapers as the New Haven Register, Hartford Advocate and Hartford Informer, James' newly-released book, On Loving Women, is a comprehensive guide to becoming the consummate lover, in and out of bed. The culmination of many years of scientific, sexual and sociological research, On Loving Women gives you a state-of-the-art guide to today's woman - who, as studies show, expects a higher level of sophistication in her lover.

This no-stones-unturned book covers every conceivable topic you need to know - whether you're single, in a long-term relationship or married - so you can become the kind of lover and companion women crave and never leave. Because, as James puts it (although the radical feminists won't like to hear this), "The best way to a woman's heart is through great lovemaking." (But he's talking about 24/7 lovemaking.)

Through James' many experiences with women and his survey of more than 500 women for the book, you'll also learn once and for all what women want in in a man and lover (and you'll be surprised by what you learn; it's as controversial as it is helpful). Learn how to attract a woman and how to please a woman so she'll never want to be with anyone else.

Any confusion about today's sex roles will also be dispelled with James' insightful and effective advice and insider tips. He dispels all the disinformation and misinformation that's out there - all of which, he notes, has caused problems for many people, in achieving happy relationships. (Again, his advice might tick off the radical feminists and be a bit controversial, but it's right on the money, based upon hundreds upon hundreds of interviews and experiences with real women, many of whom are quoted in the book.) Kathie Lee Gifford of the Today Show recently complained there were no books teaching men how to be a man. there's one. On Loving Women!

And there's no risk in buying On Loving Women - it comes with a money-back guarantee. If you don't learn at least one (if not many) new female pleasure zone or lovemaking technique, send us your book and receipt and we'll refund every penny you paid for it. (We don't anticipate anyone doing that, though! On Loving Women is filled with a lifetime's worth of information and techniques and helpful detailed graphics, so we doubt anyone is going to want to part with it!)

Men will read it because they want to become better lovers, boyfriends and husbands (or because their lovers want them to read it). Women will read it because they want to know more about their own bodies and how to help their lovers please them (and they'll buy it for their lovers, too!).

Courses, Talks & Other Public Events

James' nationwide tour was cancelled due to his wife's serious illness. He was doing a wide variety of programs for singles and couples, men and women alike. A featured speaker at the Modern Love Symposium in Boston, invited to speak at Yale University, James one day in the future will once again be giving courses and workshops - public and private - on every aspect of how to be a great lover, partner and spouse (for men and women, singles and couples) - as he did at the University of Hartford, among other places.

So please revisit this site often for the official announcements of many more exciting events to come and upcoming books (including Think Yourself Love and Spice Up Your Love Life!, books that will reveal brand new information you'll find nowhere else).

*Money back guarantee is based on guarantee you'll learn at least one new pleasure zone you'd never known. For this guarantee, please fill out the survey form you'll be given at the start of the program and hand it to James before his program begins.