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On Loving Women by James Moore
Just $18.95
The most complete and state-of-the-art look at love, romance, seduction, women, anatomy, lovemaking, relationships and marriage ever. Full of new insights on how to please women 24/7, James' discoveries of new erogenous zones and control methods alone are worth the price of the book.

Baring It All edited by Layla Shilkret and James Moore author of On Loving Women
Just $14.95
James Moore was the uncredited story development editor for this really sexy collection of real erotica, which has a 5 star rating on If you liked Fifty Shades of Grey, this is the real deal - by 20 real women who detail their most exciting lovemaking experiences ever! And it's an awesome bedtime stories, loving kind of book that you can read with your lover as a hot kind of foreplay!

No College Teaches You Sexual Prowess Or Sexual Stamina Nor Can You Get A PhD Or Other College Degree In Great Lovemaking

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Special note from the author, Love Life Researcher & Educator James Moore:

As I wrote On Loving Women, I envisioned the upcoming press intereviews I'd face and I wondered what I should say if someone asked for my credentials. That is, what gives me the right to write this book?

One true answer to that question would be quite crass. But, you must admit, a great lover's accomplishments are in the bedroom.

So how do I vouch for what I do and how women react to me as a lover when no video camera is there when I am "performing" my magic? Unlike the Beatles, I cannot go on stage to the thrill of a crowd, screaming and urging me on as I make a woman come over and over again, accompanied by great gushes of female ejaculation, until the woman begs, "Please stop! I can't take anymore!" You'd be amongst the others giving me a standing ovation no doubt, etc., etc.

I wish that could happen, but not in this life. So how do I prove myself to you?

My wife, upon hearing my doubts - that I had no academic college degrees in sexual matters - quickly retorted:

"Don't be silly! You've got just the kind of sexual prowess it takes to write this book. They don't give out college degrees in making love! And you've done many years of research. I mean, On Loving Women is a great book, it's an important book that will help a lot of people! And your credentials are apparent to anyone reading On Loving Women!"

And, accordingly, this much is true: as you'll read in my book, The women in my life have publicly vouched for my right to be called a ladies' man and great lover. Many of them pleaded with me to write the book. That's all the endorsement I need. Those are the only credentials - in fact, the necessary credentials - any great lover needs to provide.

More to the point: the most famous of great lovers of the world - the Casanovas, the Lotharios, the Don Juans, etc. - never had any college degrees. It's almost ridiculous to even suggest that a great lover needs a college degree. (As if!) So why should I be expected to produce one?

And think of it: when it comes to performance or even creative thought, a college degree frequently means nothing. The Beatles had no colleges degrees, nor did they need any. They were the best at what they did. Did anyone ask them for their "credentials," or right to be on the stage, or inquire about their college degrees (of which they had none, nor did they - obviously - need any). Einstein had no degrees related to physics or even a higher degree when he announced his E = mc squared breakthrough. Yet he had the goods.

So why would it be shocking that I don't have any sex-related college degrees?

Point of fact: There is no college degree in the performance of or practical art of great lovemaking. No university is training anyone to become a great lover.

In spite of what some sexologists have claimed in conversations with me, the performance of great lovemaking is not what's being taught in sexology courses or at any of the nation's universities. (I'm sure they'd tell you, with their noses in the air, that that would be beneath them!) What seems to be taught is primarily politically correct nonsense filtering inconsequential ideas through a political filter, with a political agenda. Straight up. (At one university, I've been told a "sexologist" has her students spend the little time they have with her making sculptures of women's vulvas, to "celebrate the yoni." This passes for education at today's universities apparently. Yet - by the way - she ignores the male genitalia. Does that not tell you what's being taught (and what's not being taught) on today's campuses?)

There are some great scientific researchers out there - PhDs and doctors, indeed, who focus on important matters related to sex - and I talk about many of them and celebrate their discoveries in On Loving Women. But their focus is not on how to become a great lover (they do not, for instance, research the effectiveness of or produce new sexual techniques); their goal is to learn more about women's and men's bodies and biological changes produced by the sexual act. And Amen to that! (In fact, I would love to get a grant some day to team up with some of those well-respected scientists to explore more fertile territory.) What they have uncovered is vital information to anyone who wants to become a great lover (and that's why I mention a lot of the recent research breakthroughs that have been made in today's reserach laborities - including those on university campuses worldwide).

But...when it comes to great lovemaking...aren't great lovers (and not sexologists or even researchers) - the ones who best know how to please a woman - the ones who should be considered the experts? I'm sure there are some good sexologists but the ones I've come across are...well, they don't seem to know women very well! They seem more interested in putting out feminist dogma or disinformation than scientific facts.

There's a female sexologist on youtube, for instance, telling everyone that penetration by a man's penis hurts the woman. "Ouch!" she says, scrunching up her face for effect, as if no smart woman would let a man enter her. Too painful!

What? Are you kidding me? This woman either has vaginismus or some other medical condition making intercourse painful or she's absolutely bonkers (or, more likely, she has a political and sexual agenda). She certainly doesn't know hetero women - nor does she know hetero women like a man with experience knows hetero women. Hetero women love men and intercourse (perhaps that's what galls this sexologist)! And her claim of intercourse being painful to all women is the most ridiculous (I'm being kind here) thing I've ever heard! But this is what the mainstream feminist sexologists are putting out! And they have college degrees, so...what?

I can testify to the fact that healthy, normal hetero women enjoy being entered. They're even eager to be entered. This is how the female body and hormone-induced female psyche works. Anyone arguing the opposite is ignorant of every good scientific study and the everyday experiences every good male lover has with every normal hetero woman. And we could easily prove that by doing a simple scientifically-valid and unbaised survey of hetero women. Then it would be: case closed. But, actually, that would be redundant. We don't need a new survey. These already exist and prove my point - as I reveal in On Loving Women.

But it gets better: The youtube genius I referred to above (a popular author), like many other feminists, claims that what women want is to have only one erogenous zone stimulated - her clitoris. Forget the other ergoenous zones I and many others discovered, some documented centuries or even eons ago - women, she says, are totally clitoris-centric. This sexologist doesn't even acknowledge there are orgasm triggers in a woman other than the clitoris, in fact - nor do other many feminist sexologists, if truth be told.

To be nice, this is trash. And it goes against what true, normal, healthy, hetero women say they want. And it goes against the experiences of every great male lover of women, who witnesses women thrill to their touch upon their female lovers' myriad varied erogenous zones. (How boring would it be to concentrate on just one of them!)

You want to hear more about sexologists? I just spoke to a university professor and sexologist the other day, who asked me for a copy of my book under false pretenses (she pretended to want to join with me in doing public events) and then objected to the back cover of my book in which I promise I can teach anyone how to make a normal, healthy woman have an orgasm, every time. She claimed that very few women could be made to do that. (And, by the way - some open minded person she was! She judged my book on its cover. I doubt she read any further!)

Really? Was she right? Did God make men fully functional but women handicapped, sexually?

It boggles the mind. Again - I've lived the life of a lover. I - unlike this woman - can testify to how women react to an accomplished male lover's ministrations. And I can tell you: every normal, hetero, healthy woman can be made to come by any accomplished male lover every time they're together sexually - and enjoy multiple orgasms every time. To argue otherwise argues in the face of the facts.

The statement of this sexologist - that most women cannot be made to climax easily or every time - is an outrageous and preposterous argument, to be kind. And I think anyone who sells that bill of goods is either: a) suffering from a medical infirmity (like a small minority of women do) so she assumes other women are like her; b) ignorant or woefully misinformed; or c) willfully propagating disinformation.

I say this now and I mean it - I dare any feminist sexologist who teaches this narrow-minded and wrong-headed line of thinking to fund a public presentation, in an auditorium of my choosing, with willing hetero female volunteers of such an exhibitionist nature that they wouldn't mind participating in this demonstration, so I can easily and quickly expose the standard feminist sexologist's claptrap for what it is - uninformed bull or, worse, possibly intentional disinformation, motivated by an anti-intercourse, anti-male perspective. (I quote scientists in On Loving Women who assert just such a thing. One talks specifically about an "anti-intercourse agenda" amongst certain sexologists and feminist leaders - although if you substitute "war" for "agenda" I think that would be closer to the truth - and unfortunately this disinformation is being spread on college campuses everywhere, harming those who believe it.)

I would happily perform this public demonstration in my own way (but I'm sure none of these "sexologists" will take me up on the offer because it will totally discredit them). And after I prove, through such a demonstration, that I'm right and the feminist sexologists are wrong, I want them to pay me a large financial reward and issue both a verbal and written public apology and confession on their part that they were wrong and that what I am teaching is right.

That won't happen because they know I'm right. And what they're teaching smacks more of intentional disinformation than the truth.

Plus - no PhD or sexologist can claim to have gotten a college degree in how to make love. There is no such thing. I would love to see these so-called experts "in action." I dare them to videotape themselves proving their prowess and wide knowledge of the female body. The results - I would wager - would be laughable (especially if all they focus on is their partner's clitoris, just one of many female erogenous zones; what a boring palette of sexual techniques they must have!).

But - getting back to you: I have to trust that you, the reader, in the face of all of today's disinformation and misinformation, will have the foresight to give my book a chance because you want to know everything there is to know about your body and your lover's, about anatomy and lovemaking and love in general. It won't be long before you realize how much information you've long sought, of which you've been unaware, is in On Loving Women.

The most important thing you need to know is that the women I've made love to have testified about my expertise, prowess and the depth of my knowledge. And, in reading my book - in which my assertions and experiential anecdotes are well-documented and supported by research and facts, including the little-known research of extreme importance by numerous well-respected scientists - you will quickly come to realize that I'm not going off half-cocked. My book is an enjoyable read, but it has as much documentation and scientific support as any academic book on the female anatomy, lovemaking and all love life arts should have.

So, take my wife's word for it if you will.

Or the girlfriend who, 10 years ago, got me to write On Loving Women, telling me over and over again:

"You've got to tell others what you know about women and sex!"

Or my father, who, after reading my 448-page book, said forlornly:

"I wish I had read this book about 50 years ago."

The proof is in the reading. In reading On Loving Women, you'll quickly become convinced I know an awful lot that can help you become the lover and ladies man you've always dreamed of becoming. But please read the Foreword from my book, excerpted below, for more information. Then decide for yourself. It is a "Foreword" so it is not as breezy and informative as the book itself nor is it meant to be. In this preamble to the book, I explain why I wrote the book, what it's all about, and why you should want to read it.

If you prefer to see the Foreword with its full book graphics and chapter formatting - you'll have to get the book! It does contain some nudity - but so do all worthwhile books that cover sex! (How else are you going to learn?)