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On Loving Women by James Moore
Just $18.95
The most complete and state-of-the-art look at love, romance, seduction, women, anatomy, lovemaking, relationships and marriage ever. Full of new insights on how to please women 24/7, James' discoveries of new erogenous zones and control methods alone are worth the price of the book.

Baring It All edited by Layla Shilkret and James Moore author of On Loving Women
Just $14.95
James Moore was the uncredited story development editor for this really sexy collection of real erotica, which has a 5 star rating on If you liked Fifty Shades of Grey, this is the real deal - by 20 real women who detail their most exciting lovemaking experiences ever! And it's an awesome bedtime stories, loving kind of book that you can read with your lover as a hot kind of foreplay!

James Moore, M.S.
Lovemaking, Love and Romance
Expert & Counselor

An award-winning journalist (who earned his Master's degree in journalism from Boston University) and an award-winning public speaker, James Moore is the pen name of a lovemaking educator who once was well-known in New York City and elsewhere as a well-liked radio and TV news anchor, PBS talk show host and radio personality. Now a full-time author, public speaker, sex education professor and expert commentator for the media, James also gives workshops and weekend retreats nationwide on love, lovemaking, women (and the sexes), romance, seduction and creating and maintaining happy, loving relationships and marriages.

Matter of fact, he's already helped helped innumerable men with his expert advice on sex and women over the years (many of whom urged him to write On Loving Women). Since college, James has always been the kind of guy other guys have turned to for the kind of information only a ladies man like James would know.

And this is very exciting: he and his wife are in negotiations to produce a reality TV show and a unique “relationship talk” radio show, called "Love Matters." And syndication has already begun on a regular column James writes on all things regarding love, lovemaking and romance.

Already the author of more than a half dozen successful books (niche bestsellers he’d rather not associate with this book) and a former NBC news anchor and CBS reporter, James has quietly made an art and science of lovemaking. James has pleased more women than Casanova - none of whom ever wanted to leave him.

Trained in scientific research procedures at the University of Chicago, James used those methods to develop powerful new sexual techniques through independent research. Lovingly experimenting and exploring every facet of the female body in his experiences with hundreds of lovers, he discovered many erogenous zones - orgasm triggers, orgasm boosters, wetness triggers, female ejaculation triggers and pleasure zones as he calls them - no one in modern times (or possibly ever) has documented. And, over the years, he’s amassed an incredible amount of knowledge about the female sexual anatomy and women. Maybe that’s why he’s always been the man guys go to for help with sexual problems and for advice on women.

With homes in Southern California and Connecticut, when James is not working, he’s a homebody, enjoying a loving life with his wife and several fuzzy four-legged family members. He was once a resident, too, of New York, Boston, and Chicago.