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On Loving Women by James Moore
Just $18.95
The most complete and state-of-the-art look at love, romance, seduction, women, anatomy, lovemaking, relationships and marriage ever. Full of new insights on how to please women 24/7, James' discoveries of new erogenous zones and control methods alone are worth the price of the book.

Baring It All edited by Layla Shilkret and James Moore author of On Loving Women
Just $14.95
James Moore was the uncredited story development editor for this really sexy collection of real erotica, which has a 5 star rating on If you liked Fifty Shades of Grey, this is the real deal - by 20 real women who detail their most exciting lovemaking experiences ever! And it's an awesome bedtime stories, loving kind of book that you can read with your lover as a hot kind of foreplay!

An Excerpt From On Loving Women:
"Why Read This Book?" (The Foreword)

Excerpt from On Loving Women courtesy of James Moore and HelixEye Books. © 2012 by James Moore. All rights reserved.

This book almost didn't happen. The only reason this book exists is that a girlfriend dogged me for two years to get me to write a book on lovemaking, romance and women. She kept after me, saying, "You have to teach other men what you know about women!" And she'd take me to bookstores to show me there was a need for this book. She'd bring me to the sex books aisle and say, "See? These books are good but none of them talk about what you know!"
I laughed off her suggestions for quite awhile. After all, didn't famed poet Ovid wind up scandalized and ultimately banished from the Roman Empire in 8 A.D. for writing the Ars Amatoria (The Art of Love)? And attitudes on talking about sex haven't changed much since then. Today's sex writers are marginalized and trivialized for daring to discuss the same juicy subject that got Ovid in trouble. It's still largely taboo. That made me think twice about writing On Loving Women.
But others - ex-girlfriends and male friends who'd sought my advice on sexual matters - were also telling me, "You have to write a book!" They said I had unique knowledge I needed to pass on to others so they too could become great lovers.
Most recently, my wife has been after me to complete On Loving Women. (It's taken a lot of encouragement to finish this ambitious project.) Just the other day, my wife (who understandably has had some misgivings about my revealing intimate details involving former lovers) pleaded with me, "You have to finish On Loving Women! It's an important book!" (And she's a PhD. So she knows books.)
Why does my wife believe in On Loving Women? She's told me repeatedly that this book contains new material that no other book has covered. More important, she says that it will help innumerable men find happiness as the awesome lovers and great partners they'll become as a result of reading it.
I can't tell you how much I was moved by my wife's endorsement. It got me back to writing after a hiatus.
...But then came the clincher. My Dad, upon reading my manuscript, suddenly got serious and - in one of those rare revealing moments that touch you greatly - he confessed wistfully: "I wish I had read this book about 50 years ago!" I knew then that I had to get this book out there.

So Many Guys Need Sexual Advice - Even Some Famous Ones

But there were other factors that convinced me to write On Loving Women. There was an article in The Post Gazette of New Jersey on November 29, 2005, for instance, that revealed that Chris Martin, the lead singer of Coldplay, might need some coaching on sexual matters to find happiness in his relationship. The article said:
The British rocker...holds hostage the heart of one of Hollywood's sexiest leading ladies, Gwyneth Paltrow. Yet, the rocker recently confessed that he had wished someone had given him tips on sex during his younger years.
Martin said that as a young man with uncontrollable urges, he had not known a lot about the art of lovemaking and often dreamed of someone to give him practical advice on the subject.
"I didn't really know what I was doing, I wanted someone to explain it to me," Contactmusic quoted him as saying.
More recently, accusations were made in a high profile breakup that a famous bon vivant and playboy might be suffering from the all-too common problem of premature ejaculation (for which I provide solutions in the chapter, "Achieving The Ultimate Control"). These stories of sexual problems that lead to relationship disasters are not isolated.
The general need for a book like this became painfully apparent recently at a concert in Westhampton Beach, New York. There, a well-known singer-songwriter shocked me and my wife with tales of sexual unhappiness. And he sang break-up songs of the saddest sort. He sang of having been cheated on a lot. He'd had a lifetime of unrequited love.
He clearly had problems in the romance department. To which my wife commented, "See? He needs your book!" (I had not yet finished On Loving Women and she was trying to get me to complete this massive undertaking.)
Even the joke the performer told had sad overtones in the sex department. Actually, it sounded more like a confession than a joke. It went like this:
"A wife calls to her husband, 'Come to the kitchen, quickly!' So he runs to her and she says, 'I need sex! Right now!' So he asks, 'Why do you need sex?' And she says, 'My egg timer's broken!'"
I laughed with the audience for a nanosecond before I realized that this "joke" was nothing to laugh at. The guy in the "joke" was a premature ejaculator. And, by inference, my wife and I surmised that this performer's love life problems had to do with premature ejaculation.
"He needs your book!" my wife whispered again.
The performer, strangely enough, then shouted, "Sex! Who likes sex?" - to which I and just one other guy applauded. (So puzzling! Just two of us?) To which the performer wryly replied: "Having it only occasionally then?" To which one of the concert-goers shouted, "Once a week!" The performer, looking offstage, then shouted (presumably to his lover), "Darling, can we manage once a week?"
Once a week? Really? Only once a week? Was this the norm?
My wife and I were struck by how sexually unsatisfied this educated and sophisticated Hamptons crowd seemed to be! And we were shocked by this revealing concert banter (bizarre as it seemed). In its outspokenness it revealed an urgent, important and widespread problem.
People in today's world are largely unhappy and unfulfilled when it comes to their love lives. And without a happy love life, they're miserable. They're living tragic, empty lives. And, as the songwriter's songs proved, their lives are filled with anger and bitterness over it.
After listening to the sexual banter, my wife concluded: "They all need your book!" This is how she convinced me to finish On Loving Women.
It became clear to me that there was a legit reason to write this book - and possibly even an urgent need for it. But it's taken me eight years to get this project done, believe it or not! It's been a monumental effort.

I've Helped So Many Others - Including Those With Premature Ejaculation

But what makes me qualified to write such a book? If you knew my background and what I've achieved as a lover and researcher, I believe you'd agree I've earned the street cred that's made me many guys' favorite unofficial sex, romance and relationship counselor.
For one thing, I've helped innumerable men get over their sexual problems, over the course of several decades. My advice enabled them to become the lovers they'd always wanted to be, and in so doing, win the hearts of the women they loved and achieve happiness in their relationships.
I really can't say how the men who have sought my sexual advice knew I could help them. But I've always been the guy everyone turns to for sexual help. Even in college, guys would knock on my door for advice. I told them the ins and outs of female sexual anatomy and shared some of my secrets in driving women crazy sexually. I taught them about their own bodies and minds - information that's crucial to becoming a great lover. They all - to a man - said how incredibly impressed they were with how much I knew about women and the art of lovemaking.
Another of my proud achievements is that I've had great success in helping men with premature ejaculation overcome that relationship-threatening condition. I taught them to achieve the ultimate control in bed through some super-effective methods and training exercises (that I'd originally invented for myself) that train a man to last inside a woman as long as he (or his lover) desires, without coming. (I'll share these with you later, in the chapter on control.)
In fact, one of those men - a former neighbor - was one of those who was after me to write this book. Why? My advice had transformed his life.
He'd had many sex-related problems. He blamed the failure of his marriage on premature ejaculation. He was also short on carnal knowledge. In fact, he didn't know much about women at all.
After his divorce, we'd go to a movie and instead of getting out of my car immediately when I'd drop him off at his apartment, he'd spill his guts. He shared the pain of his failure to live up to his wife's expectations as a lover. And he asked questions about women and sex.
I counseled him gladly for several months. He soon afterward reported that my help had enabled him to have a successful relationship with an awesome woman, who turned out to be the love of his life. No longer handicapped by sexual inadequacies, he won her heart. Now they're married and they're fabulously happy. In fact, they toasted me at their wedding, telling everyone I was the man who'd made it all possible. That's the kind of help I'm offering you in On Loving Women, to achieve similar results.
Another person among the many I counseled was a house painter who'd been hired by my friend Earle. During a break, he painfully admitted he was having a problem in the sack. He was in love with a woman but he was disappointing her as a lover. He could not last very long inside a woman. He was demoralized and didn't know what to do.
I listened intently as he told his tale of frustration and sadness to Earle. He apparently did not think I could help him (I was a young man at the time), so he ignored me. He felt Earle had the answer to his problem.
But when I realized Earle wasn't prepared to respond, I chimed in with my prescription for the painter's problem. I taught him the powerful control exercises I'd invented that he could do at home (which I mentioned before). Very impressed, he said to Earle (both of whom were Black):
"Can you believe a White boy is the one who's helping me with this?" (To him, this was the highest compliment he could give me.)
Smiling very proudly, Earle responded: "That's my son!" (Earle was like a father to me.)

I Can Help You Too

What does this mean to you? Because of my track record and the information I've gained in helping other men I believe I have a lot to offer in helping just about any man master the art of lovemaking. And, after reading this book, I hope you agree that On Loving Women is your path to becoming a great lover...a lover who knows every inch of a woman's body - inside and out...who knows how to win a woman's heart and keep her wanting more...who gives his woman Earth-shaking orgasms every time - and multiple orgasms - including vaginal orgasms (every time), breast-induced orgasms, and exotic orgasms such as ones brought on by vocal suggestions...who knows everything there is to know about female ejaculation and can make her ejaculate great gushes of love juices...who knows every orgasm trigger, wetness and wideness trigger and erogenous zone in her body...who never gets boring...the kind of man and lover a woman desperately craves and won't ever want to leave.
A book like that was referred to reverently in the High School movie classic American Pie - in the scene in which Kevin desperately calls his older brother for sex tips now that he's gotten a girl interested in him:
Kevin: I was thinking maybe you could give me some advice, brother to brother. I thought you might know a trick or something to make her...
Brother: Orgasm? Is that all that you’re interested in? Trying to get your girl into bed?
Kevin: No. It’d be good to be able to return the favor. It’d be nice to know she enjoyed things as much as I do.
Brother: That’s good. That’s what I wanted to hear. Now you qualify.
Kevin: Qualify for what?
Brother: My man, you just inherited “the Bible.” It originally started as a sex manual, this book that some guys brought back from Amsterdam. And each year it got passed onto one East student that was worthy. It’s full of all sorts of stuff that guys have added over the years. You have to keep it a secret and return it after the year.
That's what I was shooting for in writing this book. I wanted to put together the kind of rare comprehensive and well-respected book that, like Kevin's "Bible," men pass down to others as a sort of Holy Grail of sexual knowledge because of the incredible insights it reveals...because it unlocks the mysteries men have had for ages about women and lovemaking...because Kevin's not alone in hungering for such knowledge.
On Loving Women hopefully fits that bill because it contains more than three decades' worth of sexual secrets I've collected through hands-on experimentation, intense research and lovemaking experience involving hundreds of women.

Let Me Be Your Mentor - As Others Helped Me

I was very curious about sex even as a young boy. I wanted to know everything about it. My goal from an early age was to become such a great lover that most any woman I wanted to be with would desire me, big time.
But who's going to teach you that kind of thing? That kind of knowledge is hard to come by. Few really great lovers have written books. Writing is, after all, a different talent than making love and both skills don't always reside in one person. Plus, we're living in one of the most sexually repressed of times. Lurid images are everywhere but useful sexual information is not happily passed along.
So where did I go for sexual advice as a youngster? Like many kids, I first turned to my father. You know what he told me?
He said, "You get a tickle and then you ejaculate." That was the sum total of what he had to say. So like an idiot I went to the bathroom that night, stripped down and stood there waiting for that "tickle" to happen. It didn't take long for me to realize my Dad hadn't told me the whole story.
That only left me hungering for more information. I wanted the key to knowing what women wanted you to do sexually. I was impatient for my first sexual encounters to occur and I wanted to be good. No - I wanted to be great. Even as a kid. That was my big goal.
I found some clues walking home from junior high school one day when I found a sexy newspaper, wilted by the rain, by the side of the road. Full of erotic stories, it gave me a glimpse of what sex was all about. Yet it raised as many questions as it answered, so it only made me eager to learn more.
Fortunately, right around the corner from my parents' house was a family who welcomed me as one of their own. I was the original latchkey kid. I came home to an empty house. So it was welcome news that there was a kid around the block who wanted to play basketball after school. Even better - I discovered his father Earle had a treasure trove of sex manuals.
And Earle, who came home from work in the mid-afternoon, became like a father to me. A mentor. I mention him because he was kind enough to teach me what a father should teach his son about sex. So I had a leg up so to speak on the other boys when it came to knowing what to do during my first sexual experiences.
Well I know of no better way to repay Earle (and others along the way who helped me in my quest for carnal knowledge) than by becoming a mentor in a similar way to you. That's why I am passing along to you many of the secrets I've learned, so you too can set fireworks off with just about any woman, and win over the woman of your dreams, forever.

Some Of The Killer Features In This Book

But how is this book different from the rest? Why another book on the lovemaking arts? There are topics in On Loving Women few if any other books have dared to tackle.
For one thing, I'm offering you a very personal approach, with no-holds barred descriptions of some of what I've done to blow my lover's minds, sexually. In reading other books, there were not many that gave me the feeling the authors were great lovers themselves. There was no "meat." Perhaps that kind of thing was too controversial at the time. In On Loving Women, you'll get juicy details. During the course of writing On Loving Women, after lovemaking, I often recorded, in detail, the awesome sexual techniques I'd just used to drive my lovers crazy, so I could pass these along to you. So now you can emulate what I've done with great success, with your lover! (I also wrote down many telling comments my lovers made, so I could share these with you too.)
On Loving Women also reveals some of the incredible sexological breakthroughs I have made regarding the female sexual anatomy. Having been university-trained in biological research, I took it upon myself to do my own informal scientific studies into female sexual anatomy over the decades through practical experiments with scores of lovers, in my quest to become the perfect lover. The result is that I've made some pretty hot anatomical and sexual discoveries along the way, some of which have been confirmed by recent scientific studies. And I've developed some phenomenal new ways to thoroughly thrill a woman sexually.
So there is information in this book even experienced sexologists and scientists will find of interest - such as the identification of orgasm triggers, wetness triggers, erogenous zones and orgasm boosters never before documented (to my knowledge). And instructions on how orgasms can be produced with the slightest of touches or penetration. And revelations on how orgasms and great gushes of love juices can be brought on simply with the heat and pressure of a motionless erection or finger.
All of this information is meant to enable you to become the very best lover you can be. The more you know about the female body, the better you can knock the socks off your lover.
If you don't discover at least one new sexual hot spot in here - such as her Niche, Nook, V-Spot, M Spot, vaginal ball, vaginal ring, or any of the others I introduce in On Loving Women - I'd be shocked. If you don't learn at least one killer new sexual technique that will thrill and impress your lover beyond belief, I'd be highly surprised.
I will also teach you new concepts about your own body - insights that are essential to your reaching your sexual potential. (One of my lovers, in fact, praised me for this: "You know more about a man's body than most men know, too!")
Along these lines, I believe the chapter on control - mentioned earlier - will be recognized as one of the best ever, containing some of the most effective solutions to premature ejaculation and other control issues ever published. There you will learn exercises, essential information, skills and techniques that will enable you to last as long as your lover wants you to.
And I think you'll love the cocksmanship chapter, too, which covers new territory. It shows you graphically, in intimate detail, how to use your cock artfully to give your lover not just multiple orgasms and vaginal orgasms but also the biggest orgasms of her life - even instantaneous orgasms occurring with your first insertion! (Yes, you can bring on vaginal orgasms, every time, without clitoral stimulation. I'll show you how!)
Another benefit of this book: While some of my methods require deep penetration, I've also invented many techniques that men of all sizes can use to give their lovers incredible orgasms - with only shallow penetration. Those are in here too. So that, I'm sure, will be of great help to many men.
In On Loving Women, you'll find tested and proven sexual techniques that will absolutely drive her crazy! And many involve sexual hot spots your lover will be surprised to find she has! Use these and she'll be convinced you're sophisticated in the lovemaking arts.
Do you know how to give her vaginal orgasms (without touching her clit)?
Do you know how to do that without deep penetration and maniacally fast cockwork? That's in here.
Do you know which positions produce the biggest vaginal orgasms?
Do you know her vagina grows in size during the arousal process and do you know what significance that has to you, as a lover?
Did you know her vulva is a rich sexual zone, separate from her vagina? That's in here too.
Do you know how to make her absolutely wet the bed with great fountains of love juices in moments of ecstasy - with your fingers or penis? The whole subject of female ejaculation will be of interest to both men and women. My experience with a wide range of women proves that most women can be made to ejaculate. And this is a natural and desirable phenomenon all lovers of women need to know how to produce. That's in here too.

I've Earned My "Degree"

Now some scientists might question my credentials since I have no university degree in sex-related subjects (hopefully, after reading this book, they won't). But in my defense, I've been with hundreds of women since I became sexually active at 17. And the number of women I've known sexually (upon which I base my observations) far outstrips the number that most scientific studies have used as their data groups. Another advantage I've had over most scientists in learning how best to sexually please a woman is that I have decades of hands-on experience that no scientist can ever hope to accumulate, in studying the female body. Scientists are ethically barred from being active participants in their studies. Yet how else can you really get to know women, sexually?
After all, if you want to learn how to play the guitar, would you rather take lessons from a guitar manufacturer or Eric Clapton? Right. Eric. And I've made an awful lot of lovers super happy. So I have the experience and street cred to show you how to do this too.
And this fact caps my sexual "resume": No long-term lover has ever left me. And all the women with whom I broke up returned afterward to ask me to take them back. I think that's an impressive record.
So that's another way this book is unique. Here, you'll be taught by someone who's proven himself over and over again to be an expert in the art of lovemaking. With the people who count. Women.
When it comes to lovemaking, it seems to me an expert has the most credibility if he or she has more than enough actual experience in the field, to know of whence he speaks. So that sets this book apart, too.
Yet scientists can certainly play a big role in furthering the art of lovemaking - at least indirectly. Smart lovers of women are always eager to learn about the latest scientific discoveries, which they can then integrate into their approach to lovemaking, to thrill their lovers even more. So I will also introduce you to some of the most exciting and most recent scientific sexual studies whose findings will help make you a better lover. That's in here too - knowledge that has helped me please an untold number of women as they'd never been pleased before.

It's Also About Becoming The Kind Of Man Women Desire

But becoming a great lover women would die for involves a lot more than just being great in bed! That's another aspect to this book that makes it unique - the chapters on how to become the kind of man women want to settle down with forever. I'll talk about this, too, because it's key to making women desire you.
So On Loving Women is not just about sexual techniques. Because that alone does not make a man a great lover. Being a great lover requires you to walk the walk. It's a lifestyle. It's about being a good partner. I'll also help you become the kind of companion a woman wants. On Loving Women will school you in the little-known secrets you need to know in order to become the kind of man that attracts women and keeps them wanting more.
And actually, I'd like to help you become something that I feel is even better than being a great lover. I'd like to help you become a great lovemaker. A great lovemaker, by my definition, is such a great romantic, lover, partner and man that his every act makes a woman fall in love with him. Over and over again. After every lovemaking session. After every kindness he shows her. After every thoughtful deed he does for her. In the way he looks after her and takes care of her. In the way he makes her feel like a woman. Every day he graces her life.

This Is About Winning A Woman's Heart & Keeping Her Happy

Along these lines, I need to add that this book is not about screwing around. (There are enough books about that. And I don't think most men would be satisfied doing that forever anyway.) Yet I believe my goal reflects what most men are looking for, which is: to give you the skills and information you need in order to win the heart of the woman you love and please her forever - whether you've found her already or not.
First of all, studies show men in devoted relationships get more in the way of sex and are more happy than others. Plus - whether you're monogamous, a swinger, polyamorous or even a Lesbian - most lovers of women want to know how to attain a happy and strong long-term sexual relationship with a desired lover (even if that woman is just considered that person's "primary squeeze"). And that's what this book is all about.
Yet, as most lovers of women will eventually find out, making one woman happy forever is a lot bigger challenge than attempting to thrill a stranger you'll never see again, in a one-night stand. So we'll look at this challenge and how to beat it. This is apparently where many lovers of women fall short, from what I'm told - even married men. They don't have the skills or knowledge to be thrilling beyond one lustful first encounter or, at the most, a few months of limited tricks.
So On Loving Women is not just for a man who is seeking the love of his life. This is for all men - including those who are married or in long-term relationships - who need help in the love and romance departments. The challenge just begins once you've won a woman's heart. Then you need to keep the home fires burning, so your relationship doesn't die on the vine and end prematurely (as all too many do). That's where all too many men fail. So in On Loving Women, I'm providing you with all the skills and information you need to make a long-term loving relationship work, forever.
...And, now that I think of it, this book might be especially timely given the fact that many lovers of women in our loveless world (of hooking up and empty homes) now reportedly are desiring a higher, long-term love. And many have come to the realization that in order to do so they need to learn how attain the higher skills and sophistication women crave.
Yet another unique feature:
Because I'm a true romantic (as I believe most women are), my approach emphasizes the love in lovemaking. In fact, one fellow author who writes about romance and knows about this book told me:
"I like that - you're putting the love back in lovemaking. And just as Dr. Ruth is the authority on sex," he predicted, "you will become known as the authority on lovemaking!"
(From his mouth to God's ears, as they say!)
As you'll find out, there's a huge difference between sex (which most people and all animals practice) and lovemaking. In this book, you'll learn the art of lovemaking. That practice will set you apart from the rest. Lovemaking is on a higher level than sex, taking women to higher heights of ecstasy, pleasing women far more.
Another plus of this book: I've interviewed hundreds of women in researching it. I think you'll find their comments on what they want in a man and their complaints about the shortcomings of most male lovers are crucial to your ability to understand women. For instance, you'll find out about the secret designations women use to rate men as lovers! (Don't you want to know what women say behind your back? After all, how else can you improve if you don't know what women want?) That's in here too.
I also think you will love the chapter, "Is She Faking It?". This solves an age-old riddle that dogs a lot of guys - with concrete methods you can use to ferret out the answer: is she or isn't she?
Bottom line: My wife and I agree that if this book helps even just one person find sexual happiness or it helps just one couple make their relationship work, then the long (and sometimes tedious) effort writing it was worthwhile.
On Loving Women is a detailed and personal account of someone who's made a science and art of lovemaking. I've devoted my life to it.
So come along with me on a fantastic journey to becoming the man and lover you want to be. The kind your woman wants you to be.
Now is this the sexual Bible? This isn't the only book you should read. But you just might find this to be the most effective book you've ever gotten your hands on. The kind of book you'll want to share with others too.
I hope you'll agree with my Dad, my wife, past lovers and men I've helped achieve happiness with women that your path to success is right here. This book is full of awesome new discoveries. Everyone - including scientists - should learn something incredibly useful.
So - check it out. Leaf through the pages. I think you'll find very quickly that this book can tremendously change your love life for the better. And isn't that a goal that's worthy of your time and effort? Perhaps you'll find that this book was the very book that you and I had hoped to find as kids - the Holy Grail book that makes everything clear and gives you the knowledge and skills necessary to become one of the celebrated great lovers of women; one who's highly desired and sought-after, who no woman would ever want to leave.
...One final note: Market research shows there's a tremendous demand for this book among women. Many women who have been surveyed have said they will buy a copy for their partners to read. (If that's not an endorsement, I don't know what is! Women obviously want their lovers to know what's in this book!) Now, if you are one of those whose woman has given you On Loving Women, please understand that this act was done lovingly by your lover in order to make your relationship work. She is telling you: "What I want is in this book!" Isn't that great? Now your job couldn't be simpler! If that's the case, this book holds the key to your finding happiness in love and lovemaking and to your making your relationship work. The answers to your questions are right here, in your hands.
And if you love your woman and want to do everything to make your relationship as exciting and happy as it can be, to last forever, then you should be glad your lover got this for you. She's telling you that she wants to help you become the man and lover she wants to be with, and stay with - to find happiness with you! She wants you to perfect the art of romance and lovemaking so your intimate times together can be incredible, to propel your relationship to the heights. What greater gift could she give you?
...You know, in a joke on the Tonight Show a number of years ago, Jay Leno noted: “A study was done and 11% of Americans surveyed said they’d be willing to give up a kidney for great sex.” (Ouch!) That reveals:
How important great sex is to some people
How many Americans feel they’re not getting great sex
How impossible those 11% feel it is to obtain great sex
How many Americans are clueless as to how to have great sex
How few realize that there's something even better than great sex - that is, great lovemaking (as you'll find out)
Good news for that study group: the true solution to the problem is in your hands. And, thankfully, this book costs far less than a kidney. But given the premium women place on great sex, I hope you will agree with my wife that this book's true value is far greater than its cover price!
...So now it's my pleasure to hand down to you much of what I know about women, romance, female sexual anatomy, biological sexual processes and lovemaking - the product of decades of sexual R&D if you will. I am confident it will help you dramatically in capturing the heart of the woman you love. And it will teach you how to make her so happy that she will never dream of leaving you.
P.S. Before we get into the nitty gritty of the act, there are essential lifestyle, attitude and mindset issues you must comprehend before you can become a great lover. So in the next few chapters, I'll reveal these secrets. They are the necessary foundation upon which everything else rests. So please don't skip any of the lifestyle, attitude and mindset chapters, all of which are crucial to your success with women.
P.P.S. There’s a lot that goes into a relationship, including chemistry. You cannot win every woman’s heart - no man can. (Nor should you try.) Part of finding happiness with a lover is in being discriminating in who you choose to go out with and in finding the perfect match for your specific needs, desires, personality, background and so on. But what On Loving Women will do for you is to make you as ready as possible to achieve success by teaching you how to become the kind of lover women crave - the best lover you can possibly be. I guarantee you will LOVE this book!